Excellence in Music Education

Music EducationQuality music and performing arts education teaches discipline, builds confidence, and provides a foundation for life.

Like a show choir "travel team," The Singing Angels offers a depth of performing arts education beyond what is available at school. In addition to competing at the World Choir Games, Angels in the Performing Chorus receive up to 320 hours of music education per year and perform at up to 60 concerts across the region and around the world.

For children in second and third grades, the Littlest Angels Training Chorus meets for nine sessions and focuses on beginning skills in singing, performing, rhythm, and music theory. The Littlest Angels Training Chorus does not require auditions; rather it uses an enrollment process. When a child enters fourth grade, he or she may be admitted to the Reserve Chorus, which is the feeder chorus for the Performing Chorus.

The Singing Angels has become the "go-to" ensemble for local and national arts and civic organizations. The chorus has performed with artists as diverse as the Cleveland Orchestra, Barenaked Ladies, and Jim Brickman. These requests by nationally renowned artists indicate that, among its peers in Cleveland, The Singing Angels is a leader in music education.

The Singing Angels provides quality music education at a time when arts funding has been cut or reduced in many public schools, and it provides scholarships to those who meet federal poverty guidelines.

While The Singing Angels is a great place to get together with friends and sing, it also offers much more. Our singers are instructed in the following areas:

  • vocal technique
  • choral blend
  • music in foreign languages (recently including Hebrew, German, Yoruba, Spanish, and French)
  • stage presence

Special ensembles and workshops are also available:

  • Performing Chorus Dance Troupe (by audition)
  • Solo and audition workshops
  • Beginning work on conducting (Reserve Chorus Team Directors, by application)
  • Annual educational trips to New York City, including a Broadway Classrooms master class (Performing Chorus, chosen based on evaluation)

In the Littlest Angels Training Chorus, second and third graders gain introductory experience in working with others, singing in a group, performing in public, and using their voices properly.

The Singing Angels also provides less-tangible life lessons about promptness, responsibility, diversity, working together, and adapting a show to different venues. Singers learn to work together as a team, and to be able to change their programs multiple times throughout the year, based on the needs of our concert partners. These life skills certainly translate to the "real world," and help our future graduates regardless of career.

We are pleased to offer an optional Music Reading class to all members of the Reserve Chorus for no extra charge. The class meets from 10:30AM - 11:15AM, before the start of Reserve Chorus rehearsals, and is taught by members of The Singing Angels teaching staff. Some of the subjects covered in class include identification of musical symbols (treble/bass clef, staff, repeat signs, etc.), notes on the staff, pitch matching, reading rhythms, and time signatures. All members of the Reserve Chorus must display mastery of this material via written assessment as part of the requirements for promotion to the Performing Chorus.